uPVC Doors, uPVC Sheet, uPVC Ceiling Panel, SERA Water Tank
uPVC Doors, uPVC Sheet, uPVC Ceiling Panel, SERA Water Tank

uPVC Doors

RFL started its maiden journey back in 1981 with setting up of Rangpur Foundry Ltd. Primary objective of the company was to produce cast Iron products specially hand tube well and other farm implements within a view to ensuring pure drinking water and cheap irrigation facilities for the rural mass.

Over years RFL has grown in volume and stature. In addition to cast Iron it has diversified in PVC & Plastics. Today RFL is the single largest converter of PVC products in Bangladesh.. RFL’s product range includes different types of PVC pipes, Filters, Hoses, Door, Sheet etc. All the products produced in fully automatic machines as per BS & ISO standard maintaining highest level of quality at every stages of production.

RFL commenced its operation in plastics in 2003. The vision of the company was to make quality molded plastic products at an affordable price. For the last 7 years, RFL products have helped making life easier and more organized in millions of homes and offices. We produce a wide range of innovative products that include outdoor furniture, food containers, dish drainers, laundry baskets, wastebaskets, storage boxes, table wares, kitchen wares, bathroom wares, cleaning accessories, garment hangers etc. RFL is one of the most desired and trusted brand in Bangladesh and continuously making quality and attractive products to meet the need of the consumers of all walks of life globally.

At RFL all the products are produced from best quality virgin raw materials under stringent quality control process at every stage with help of central quality control laboratory.

Around 8000 dedicated workers under the supervision of more than 300 technical experts and senior professionals putting their best effort to give the shape of the consumer’s demands into reality.

RFL as a company is extremely focused on customers need and willing upgrade its quality and services based on customers feedback. Please visit our web site at www.rflbd.com or www.rflplastics.com to give your valuable comment and suggestion on our products and services.

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